Businesses of all sizes recognize the importance of building an online presence, especially through search engines. A search engine returns its search results either as organic or paid ads. While both organic search engine optimization and paid search advertising are geared towards enhancing your online visibility, increasing traffic and subsequent sales, the two strategies are used differently. A digital marketing strategy that considers both paid and organic search campaigns can help you reap high level of benefits for your business.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are free listings of web pages returned by the search engine's algorithms that closely match the search string of keywords based on relevance. Organic searches take up the bulk of the search engine results page. The goal of marketers is to appear on the very first page and then move into the top three rankings for specific keywords. For one to rank well on Google organically, you need to create high-quality content that uses multiple instances of your keywords. With the exercise of good SEO practices, you can expect to rank toward the top of the first page, ensuring maximum visibility.

Benefits of Organic Search Results

Trust and Credibility
A business that has high organic ranking results has a sense of authority and respectability which offers a perception of trust on the part of searchers who will click through to your site.

Evergreen Presence
If you maintain good SEO practices and high-quality content, then the ranking will also have an everlasting/permanent presence.

Once you acquire high ranking through organic search, it is very easy to maintain that position.

Paid Search Results

Paid results also known as pay-per-click are typical advertisements. They appear at the very top and bottom of search pages and have a tiny green "ad" graphic next to them. An advertiser pays a certain amount to display their ads when searchers enter a specific keyword in the search box of the search engine. Unlike organic search results, the placement of the ads is determined by both a bidding process of ads and quality score of keywords. The amount that is paid is based on the number of clicks or views you receive for your ads.

Benefits of Paid Ads

Saves Time
While ranking well on an organic search list is a long-term strategy that can take months or years to show results, paid results reach the top of the page as soon as you pay for ad placement.

Specific Targeting
Paid results can also be tailored to reach a specific type of customer profile that you are looking to convert. You can opt to reach users in a particular region, income, field, age group, people of a certain education level or marital status.

Better Click Through Rates
Once a browser enters search terms that indicate high chances of purchase, paid ads get more clicks than organic search.

Deciding between organic and paid search ads can be a challenging decision for a business owner. Your decision will largely depend on the type and specific needs of your business. Your business's marketing goals, available budget or audience behavior will also come into play when determining which marketing strategy to use. Generally, paid ads can help drive clicks and conversions for companies that are product or brand-specific. Organic search results, on the other hand, are ideal for service-oriented enterprises. Ultimately, many businesses find a mix of the two search results to be extremely useful. While organic results give a voice of authority and an evergreen presence, paid results will result in immediate top-of-page placement and higher conversions.

In light of all these, it is evident that web marketing has become the driving force behind increasing ROI (Return on Investment). In fact, without the use internet marketing strategies, many businesses will fail.

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